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Pillars of Spiritual Healing: The Power of God and Addictions Part 2

You need to enter the realm of spiritual war, because unless you fight spiritually, you cannot win.


You need to recall the introductory circle.  Think about the pollution.


At first, you did not know the pollution came from Satan.

This is Bible Spiritual History

God wrote the Bible to remove the veil of ignorance from your eyes. It is the book of instructions for life. Second, God did not give the indictment of shame. Adam replied, “I was afraid ,because I was naked…I hid.” God never said, “shame on you Adam…look at you naked and all.” Adam imposed the shame on himself. Third, and most important, God in His love knew his most precious creation, created above the angels was in trouble.

Lovingly he provided the most absolute and perfect solution. Indeed, in Genesis 3:15 God addresses the snake. God let the snake know He will put enmity between the snake and the woman. In this God is speaking of the coming Messiah, Christ, the Savior of the World.

Back to Balance – Providence Women's Recovery

It is important that you grasp the significance of this provision.

A man needs a way back to the balance provided in the Garden before the spiritual and catastrophic actions of Satan. God provided one way to restore this balance. He gave mankind the Lord Jesus. Recall the feelings of shame, resentment, anxiety, and anguish we spoke of at the beginning.

There is no human way possible to remove them from your being. You do not have the power. No doctor has the power. No minister has the power. No one in the human realm has the power. This is so, because the creator of the havoc is Satan, the most powerful angelic creature created by God. Only Christ has the power to remove the negative emotions from our beings. He is the only one capable of defeating Satan in your behalf. He is all Power.

However, there are conditions one must fulfill.

  1. First you must surrender to Christ.
  2. Second, you must follow the most important command given to us in Matthew 22:37, “Love The Lord your God with all soul and all of your mind.

To surrender is an oath to the King willing to die for you. The oath has the power to remove the negative emotions placed upon your life by a potent adversary.

The second, the command to love God fully restores your life to the Kingdom of Heaven in perfect harmony with a God, rebuilding the Trust in Him, freeing you from the shame and other negative emotions in your life.

Get back to the circle. Pray to receive the King.


Love the Lord as commanded.

Worship Him for your deliverance.

Let His love submerge you in His Grace. Appropriate His Love and accept the liberation from the negative feelings. Breathe and look around your circle. Though there is still some pollution left, it has lessened. This is a victory to your name, a supreme gift from God.

Do not sit still. Inhale goodness, open up your Bible and not just read, but also study the Word of God. Get ready to re-shape your feelings towards yourself, under the power of His grace.

You must learn to love yourself.

Until next week, I am leaving you with a gift. These are just simple verses. Memorize them and keep them in your mind and soul. Whenever you sense the enemy is near, recite them. The enemy will flee as soon as you speak the wisdom of God.

 Your Task: Memorize

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Acts 3:19

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace. Ephesians 1:7

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] the old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17

 Serving Christ and others,

Candelaria at WellnessbyNature.org

3 Steps to Balancing Your Gut – Aiding You in the Recovery from Addiction

a women's stomach related to addiction

If you've ever abused drugs or alcohol, or even junk food for that matter, you probably have an imbalanced gut, or dirty gut.  Recovery is as much about the mind and spirit as it is about the physical and body.  In this article, you will learn 3 powerful tips to cleansing and renewing your gut in order to give yourself a better opportunity to recovery from addiction, along with the specific products recommended by one of the nation’s leading detox clinics to facilitate the process.

For most of us, bacteria, intestinal health, and the digestive system are not an attractive subject matter.  Just the word bacteria conjures images of filth, sickness, and disease in most people’s minds.  But the truth is that we have 150 trillion bacterial cells in our bodies compared to only 10 trillion human cells.  It’s estimated that up to 3 pounds worth of bacteria exists in our stomachs and intestines alone.

“In our bodies, bacteria help us digest complex carbohydrates, help us absorb various nutrients (including B’s which are essential for mental health), help to manufacture neurotransmitters (upwards of 90% of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of calm, confidence and positivity, is manufactured in the gut). Just with that information alone, one can see that there is a significant connection between gut health and mental health. But there’s more. The bacteria in our gut is fundamental in detoxifying our bodies of the myriad toxins that enter our bodies via our food and medications, our skin and the air we breathe. http://laurahalpin.com/blog/time-to-get-dirty-the-essentials-of-healthy-gut-bacteria/

How to Properly Balance Your Gut – 3 Steps

These steps are simple and will aid your ability to recover the ecosystem that is your gut, from the toxins and imbalances caused by drug and alcohol addiction, not to mention many of the bad foods many of us eat daily. By applying these steps, you will increase your bodies ability to heal and produce serotonin.  This is not medical advice and you should consult your doctor before engaging in any diet or exercise regimen. The products were recommended by Dr. Sponaugle of Florida Detox.

Step 1 –

Cleanse Your Gut and Intestines

The first step in this process is to gently cleanse your stomach and intestines. The recommended product for this process is Intestinew by Renewlife. The reason for this product being recommended is because their approach is to gently perform the removal of toxins, yeast, and waste matter as opposed to shocking the system like some other gut renewal systems do. This product is gluten free and will not only aid you in cleansing toxins and bad bacteria, but will also improve your ability to absorb nutrients in the stomach lining. More information on this product can be found at http://www.renewlife.com/intestinew.html.

Step 1 should be performed in the morning.


Step 2 –

Replace the Good Bacteria

The second step in this process is to replace the good bacteria in the gut using probiotics. The recommended product for this process is Ultimate Flora Critical Care, also by Renewlife. This product is recommended for a couple reasons, but mostly because it includes a large culture count of 50 billion.  You will be able to find cheaper probiotics but the amount of cultures will be much less which means it will be less effective.

Since this article is related to correcting the extreme detrimental effects of addiction on the gut, a higher culture count is essential. Information on this product can be found at http://www.renewlife.com/ultimate-flora-probiotics/ultimate-flora-critical-care-50-billion.html.

Step 2 can be done 30 minutes to an hour after step 1, with or without food.


Step 3 –

Go On a Cycle of Super Vitamins

The third step is to go on a cycle of using extremely powerful super vitamins to aid the body in this rejuvenation process. The product recommended for this process is called Fatigued to Fantastic Energy Revitalization System by Enzymatic. This product was chosen because it includes a breath taking array of vitamins and it is in powder mix form which means you drink it. This may benefit the absorption process which is unfortunately where most vitamins fail.

More information on this product can be found at http://www.enzymatictherapy.com/Products/Energy/Daily-Energy/03250-Fatigued-to-Fantastic-Energy-Revitalization.aspx. Also to note is that it does include a minimal amount of dairy in the form of 0.6 grams lactose and 0.9 grams casein for proteins in the form of whey proteins. This is about 1/8 of the amount of lactose found in an 8 oz. glass of milk, and they do recommend not taking any other multi vitamin other then calcium while using their super vitamin mix.

Step 3 can be done any time after steps 1 and 2, and preferably with food or immediately after eating.


Recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism is complicated, and must be treated at many different levels.  By cleansing and restoring the balance of your digestive ecosystem, you will:

  1. Remove toxins and waste from your stomach, intestines, and colon
  2. Be able to better absorb nutrients
  3. More efficiently produce serotonin
  4. Have more energy and supply your body with essential vitamins

If you’d like to find out more information about the Providence Women’s Recovery program and our holistic approach to overcoming addiction and implementing a recovery life style through the power of Christ, counseling, and the therapeutic community, visit our site at Providence Women's Recovery or give us a call at 706-229-7775.