1. If a resident needs to be transported to or from the airport or bus station there will be a charge. Please discuss this in advance with a staff member as soon as you are aware you will need a ride, so we will have time to plan.

2. Your picture will be taken when you come in.

3. No personal vehicles will be allowed on the premises.

4. No mood altering, over the counter enhancements or stimulants are allowed. Any aspirin or ibuprofen that you need will be provided.

5. If you are on prescription medication upon entering the program, you must make arrangements for continuation of that medication as long as you are in the program. If you desire to go off of the medication, you must have a doctor’s release stating that you no longer need the medication.

6. There is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and other drugs anywhere on the property. We reserve the right to test for alcohol and other drugs anytime. We do give random drug screens. Anyone testing positive will not be allowed to stay. Room inspection may be conducted at any time.

7. Disrespectful behavior will not be allowed, and may result in dismissal. No profanity or obscene gestures will be tolerated.
8. All packages are to be opened in front of staff. Staff is the only ones allowed to put mail in the mailbox or remove it. All money sent through the mail is to be given to staff to be put in safe at Providence Ministries. Families should be urged to send all spending money to Providence Ministries. Residents are not allowed to have more than $40 dollars on them unless special arrangements have been made with staff.

9. Clothes should fit appropriately. No dragging, sagging, or holes in pants. Tanks tops or sleeveless shirts are not permitted downstairs, during classes, groups, meetings, etc. Residents are not to wear hats or head coverings in the building. No clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs, rock music, lewdness, or any unchristian ideas in general is allowed. On outings, the Staff member will clarify what is appropriate.
10. Shoes, flip-flops, sandals must be worn at all times. No bare or sock feet are permitted anywhere.

11. Each woman must have a natural hair color (no pinks, purples greens etc.)

12. No jewelry or body piercings will be allowed except earrings, necklaces, wedding ring and a watch. No more than two earrings in each ear that are on the lobes.

13. No radios, cell phones, cassette players, DVD players, walkmans, headphones, cameras, etc. are permitted. Any personal DVDs must be approved by administrative staff.

14. When shopping, you must check with the Staff member before checking out for approval on all items you intend to buy, so you will not have to return unapproved items after leaving the store. No purses are allowed to be taken into the store. A fanny pack can be used.

15. Do not loan money, phone cards, or clothes to other residents.

16. Residents must maintain their personal hygiene, which includes daily shower, clean clothes, etc. Personal cleanliness is a must. If this becomes a problem, you may be asked to leave. Each woman must shower every day.

17. Linens and clothes must be washed once a week. Strip your bed and wash the sheets and pillowcase weekly. Beds must have a top and bottom sheet at all times, unless they are in the washer or dryer.

18. If you need something, please consult with staff. Do not go directly to a church, church member or speaker without staff permission. With most items or problems, we will be able to help you, or put you in touch with the proper agency. Don’t hesitate to ask.

19. Everyone staying here is responsible for helping clean up; please do your part. Please clean up after yourself. If you see something dirty or that needs cleaning, please be the one to do it; don’t leave it for the next person. When doing assigned cleanup, please check with a Staff member when you are done, to make sure you have done it properly. A cleaning chart will be maintained by the house parent. Cooking will be rotated among clients on a nightly basis and schedule will be maintained by the house parent.

20. Providence Ministries is not responsible for accidents that happen to you or your property.

21. It is to everyone’s best interest to report violations of Providence’s rules and regulations to the Staff. If you are aware of violations and do not report them, it could result in your dismissal.

22. No fighting. Any physical contact or disrespect with other residents, staff or volunteers could result in dismissal.

23. Cigarettes are the only form of tobacco use allowed. No roll it yourself cigarettes are allowed. Smoking is allowed only outside in the designated smoking area. Please use butt cans. We do not permit smoking anywhere in the buildings or vehicles. Do not smoke on the upstairs deck at Rocky Face. Smoke in designated area around Providence or at spot designated by house parent on outings. You may smoke between Sunday School and the Church service on Sunday morning in the designated area. Please smoke in the proper place before and after Church.

24. No eating or drinking in the van. No smoking.

25. Residents must have permission to go walking away from the residence. You must get permission from a staff member. Residents must walk with one or more people. Walking in neighborhood is not allowed after dark.

26. Residents are not to enter the workshop/meeting building without permission.

30. A resident may use the phone once after arriving, to inform his family that he has arrived safely.

31 .The staff must approve all phone calls before 5:00 pm. After one week [starting on your 7th day] you may use the phone for up to twenty minutes per evening. You will need a phone card to make a long distance call. Family calling in will have to call Providence and speak to an administrator of the woman’s program to receive update status or leave messages for the clients.

32. Calls can be made after 5:00 p.m. until 9:45 PM, Monday through Saturday. You will be able to use the phone on Sunday, after morning church and before evening church. The phone can be used after Sunday evening church until 9:45 (with preference given to the west coast clients). Phone calls should not last over 20 minutes.

33. We have found that calling previous residents can be damaging to those in recovery, therefore, this is not allowed.

34. All visitors should dress modestly. Please pass this on to family members who will be visiting you.

35. Residents may have family attend Sunday service with them on their second weekend. Residents are allowed on Sunday to leave the grounds with their immediate families (father, mother, sister, brother, wife, or approved preacher or female sponsor). Residents may not leave with other residents or their families, or graduates.

36. Any resident going out for Sunday visits must inform house parent on or before Saturday and fill out request form and given to houseparent on the Friday before the visit.

37. If the family chooses to attend Church with us, you may leave with them from church if house parent has been informed. You must return to your residence by 5pm. If family plans to attend 6pm service at Salem Baptist they may bring you to church rather than residence.

38. After Church services, please go immediately to the van, unless instructed differently by a Staff Member.

House Rules:

39. During the week, lights come on at 6:00 AM. Everyone is to be awake and out of bed by 7:30 AM. All rooms must be clean, and beds must be made before 8:00 AM. Rooms are expected to be clean and well kept throughout the day. Please vacuum your rooms, including under your bed. You may not lie down on the beds from 6:30 AM until after 4:00 PM. NO lying on the couches is permissible.

40. Keep all of your belongings on your side of the room, even if you do not have a roommate. Do not allow your stuff to overflow to the other side of the room. You are only allowed to have one mattress on your bed. Anything out of place in your room may be subject to being confiscated.

41. No one is allowed outside of the building after dark [between official Sunset and Sunrise time], except in the smoking area.

42. Assembly/Quiet Time should be spent reading your Bible and praying alone, and spending quiet time with God. Do not be smoking, watching TV, eating, doing chores, coming to the office, etc.

43. Overhead lights are to be off at 9:45 PM and all lights are to be off at 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday nights. On Friday and Saturday nights the overhead lights are to be off at 10:45 PM and all lights are to be off at 11:00 PM. There should be no more visiting or talking once the overhead lights are off. Finish getting ready for bed during the 15 minutes before all lights are off. Everything but the bathrooms will be closed when the overhead lights are off.

44. No sleeping anywhere except in your assigned bed at night. You cannot be in another resident’s room after lights out.

45. No resident is allowed in another resident’s room, unless that resident is present.

46. No one is allowed in bed during the day unless sick. If a person is sick he will not be able to participate in any recreational activities for the entire day that he is sick. Be sure to get permission from a Staff member if you are sick and need to lie down.
47. All food and drinks must be consumed in and left in the dining room only except during cookouts. Drinks are allowed to smoke area, water bottles allowed to rooms and living room.

48. Be at all meals on time and be present for the blessing. You do not have to eat, but we expect you to be there on time, in case announcements need to be made.

50. Television is monitored by the housemoms. This is a privilege, not a right. The TV will not be on until after 5:00 PM, and must be turned off at 10:00 PM weekdays, and 11:00 PM on Friday, Saturday, and holiday nights, unless approved otherwise by a Staff member. Consult housemom in choosing programs to watch so that television viewing will not be discontinued. Inappropriate programs include (MTV, BET, CMT, some Fox and FX programs.) Do not lie on the floor, or put cushions on the floor while watching TV. Sit [do not lie down] on the couches or chairs.

51. The moving of furniture around, in or out of a room is PROHIBITED. Do not move any furniture for any reason without permission. This includes mattresses.

52. When sitting in chairs, please keep your feet on the floor. Do not put your feet up on any furniture, walls, tables, etc. Do not tilt back in the chairs. Keep all four legs of the chair on the floor.

53. Do not lay down on the couches or sofas. Sit up in them so others can sit on the sofas.

54. During class times, groups, videos, speakers, and other meetings, there is to be no letter writing, drawing, doodling, cards or other games displayed on the table. Only class materials should be on the tables. There should be no sleeping or putting your head down during these times.

55. It is prohibited for food, furniture, appliances, and other household goods to be removed from one residence and taken to another without prior authorization from Women’s Recovery director.

55. Please be on time, and remain seated while in groups, and other classes. Please be sure to use the bathroom at break times, and bring all Kleenex and all class materials prior to each class.

56. Please turn off all lights when you leave rooms, bathrooms or other areas that are not being used.