3 Ways to Stay Sober, Happy, and Clean After Drug Rehab

 Staying Clean after Drug Rehab

Leaving drug rehab is simultaneously a joyous time and a stressful one. A good treatment center will have helped a person heal from a large number of the hurts and hang-ups that led them to drug use, and this experience is liberating beyond words.  But the day that the graduate leaves their respective recovery center is the same day that their recovery is placed squarely on their shoulders.

Staying Sober After Leaving Drug Rehabilitation

The first and foremost thing a person leaving in-house treatment must realize is that just as their journey in treatment was as part of a community, so must be their journey in their “post treatment center” recovery lives.

There are many different communities available to people who struggle with addition, and becoming a part of these groups in not simply a function of attending meetings. This point cannot be undersold.

Going to meetings will not keep you clean in the long run.

 Find a Recovery Group that Suits You

In order to truly benefit from such groups as Celebrate Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, and Alcoholics Anonymous, a certain level of acceptance and trust is required.  One must accept that if they immerse themselves in not just the meetings, but also the literature, the community, and the continual reworking of healing steps that people do stay clean.

One must trust that they are not alone, and that while the particulars of their story might be a touch different than that of the next recovering person, that they share a similar pain and therefore share similar solutions to that pain.

Not only do recovery groups help people stay clean, but they also help them become whole, healthy beings, free to explore their potential, experience joy, and deal with the hardships of life without the need nor desire for alcohol and drugs.


Consider Outpatient Care

Just because you have graduated from a rehabilitation program does not mean you aren’t allowed to continue on with the help of a  professional certified addiction counselors. Many treatment centers offer out-patient care as an alternative to inpatient treatment  for people who can’t afford the time or lack the financial resources to attend. Need affordable women only addiction care? They also often make these resources available to graduates of treatment centers.


Find a Transitional Living Program

Transitional living is a great place for those who don’t want to return to the environments they lived in before attending alcohol or drug rehabilitation.  Essentially, a transition program is a calculated release from treatment into society in which the attendee is granted more personal freedom while gradually decreasing their ties to the program.

It also allows people to continue nurturing relationships with people who share the common bonds that come from those who have attended treatment.

Summary of 3 Simple Ways to Stay Clean After Rehab

  1.           Find a Recovery Community that Suits Your Addiction and Faith, and Immerse Yourself In It
  2.           Consider Outpatient Treatment
  3.           Consider Becoming a Part of a Transitional Living Program