What's a Day Like at Providence Women's Recovery?

A typical day at Providence Women's recovery center starts fairly early, but is unrushed...

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Our Christ-Based Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center For Women

  • Individual Counseling
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Group Counseling
  • Drug Education
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Women's Issues
  • Life Skills
  • Early Recovery Skills
  • Drug Testing
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Work Therapy
  • Christian Recovery
  • Character Building
  • Goal Setting
  • Anger Management
  • Codependency
  • Christian 12 Step Work

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"Learn How Our Alternative for Christian Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehabilitation Helps Women Break The Addiction Cycle in Just 90 Days"


Women seeking residential drug rehab and alcohol treatment for women only, may be surprised to hear that achieving sobriety is not the hard part… it’s learning how to live in victory and recovery while healing from a past full of hurts and hang-ups that’s the real challenge, and what our program exists to do. We are more then a recovery center, we are a spiritual regeneration program.

The Best Drug Rehab Centers …

Have drug treatment methods for alcoholism recovery and drug rehabilitation that can vary greatly. Our recovery methods were created specifically for women who are open to learning about Christ, and who are struggling with drugs of abuse and addictions to prescription drugs, alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin use, opiates, barbiturates, marijuana (pot), crystal meth, and methamphetamine’s, and help women:

  • pink bullet Home Heal from their past grief’s, losses, and traumas
  • pink bullet Home In a Small group setting while they…
  • pink bullet Home Receive individualized Christ centered care.


People struggling with alcoholic and chemical addiction often let their pain and failures define their identity, how they view themselves, and what they in turn base their future choices on.

By helping women let go of the false beliefs that continually trap them in addiction and depression, we open the door to God’s truth about their identity in Christ.

The result is life changing spiritual transformation which we know is key to “long-term stand firm recovery.”

The Cost of Alcohol Rehab: Our Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center Alternative For Ladies Is Affordable

hands praying HomeProvidence Ministries proudly offers intensive in-house Christian faith-based addiction services which help women safely transition onto the challenging path of long-term recovery… and while it’s not a free inpatient drug rehab center, we do offer our services at a cost people can afford

90 Days for $4,900. Please read every word below to learn why we offer one of the nations top rated drug rehab centers services at such an affordable rate.

Fly in to Chattanooga and Still Save Compared To Traditional Drug Rehabs for Women

Because the Womens Center for Recovery at Rocky Face is heavily subsidized by sales from Providence Ministries thrift stores, as well as through the charitable contributions of our donors, sponsorship cost has been hugely reduced…a savings we pass directly to you because for us, this is a calling.

What this means is that our drug rehab program participants can literally fly in to Chatanooga Tennessee, (we’re 20 minutes south in Northern Georgia) to attend our program, and still save money when compared to other addiction rehabilitation centers.

And unlike most other recovery facilities, we are part of a large family of missions where we put Christ first. We’re not driven by profits or investors, but rather by a calling to serve Him.

What we are offering is an opportunity many people will never have. A chance to give yourself a break and take 90 days in exchange for the rest of your life.  To once and for all put an end to a life you know in your heart cannot continue the way it has.

The end of the path of addiction is always prisons, institutions, and death, and the sad truth is that family and loved ones suffer just as much as anyone. To learn more about drug rehab and substance abuse, visit Drug Treatment Center on Wikipedia or Drug Rehabilitation on SAMHSA.

Our Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Alternative Program Teaches You How To Stop Drinking and Using Drugs, Quickly…

for those who have suffered enough and want to change for themselves. If you can admit that you have a problem and that you can’t fix it alone, then you’ve already taken the first step.

 Now we’re asking you for just a bit more courage to take the next, and to give us a call at (706)275-0268, and we’ll guide you from there.

If you’d like more information about any aspect of our program, please visit the about our women’s rehab alternative page of this site or send us a message from the information request box to the right, and we’ll be happy to return your call.  Click here to take a quick tour of our facility. Though we’ve never met, you are indeed in our prayers and we want you to realize that there is hope and recovery through Jesus and Providence Ministries.

If You’re Tired of The Misery of Addiction, and Are Ready to Find a New Better Way of Life…

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Note* For those suffering from withdrawal symptoms and are in need of alcohol withdrawal treatment, alcohol detoxification, or any other medical drug detoxing help, please call your local hospital or 911 immediately. We are not medically staffed for these processes. We do promote healthy eating and a natural detox diet.

Women's Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehabilitation 90 Day's $4,900

http://ProvidenceWomensRecovery.com 706-275-0268 Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Women. Our church subsidized program is faith based, relies on individualized attention, Christian 12 steps work, and Christ. Transform your life in 90 Days for only $4,900. Watch this introduction to learn more. Please Embed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0olfYDyVpH8 Thanks!

About Our Women's Treatment Center

The Women's Center for Recovery at Rocky Face is a part of the Providence Ministries family of outreach missions. Our program works for women who are ready to commit their lives to recovery, and are open to cultivating a living relationship with Jesus Christ. This process is designed to help women heal and achieve long lasting sobriety through the gift and miracle of spiritual transformation. Call 706-275-0268 for more information.